Red Ribbon Club
Red Ribbon Club of Mar Chrysostom college aims at building their capabilities in spreading message or positive health behavior in an enabling environment and increasing voluntary blood donation by the youth.It also aims at harnessing the potential of the youth to equip them with correct information on HIV/AIDS.

Eco Club
Eco Club is the voluntary group which promotes the participation of students in learning and improving their environment. A Green Club or Eco Club ias a means by which students and youth can organize themselves to learn more about this issue and take action to improve their immediate environment.

Arts Club
Art club is organized to enhance the art offerings in the classroom and to give further opportunities for the students to develop their artistic skills to the fullest.It provide opportunities and encouragement to express oneself freely;It helps the students to. be an active participant or be more directly involved in drawing their potential. Arts Club aims at developing a deep and lasting enjoyment of art that will carry over into adult life and exert a positive influence

Science Club
Science club is organized to develop scientific leadership. It encourage the students to participate in science quiz competitions. Science club helps to organize and arrange scientific exhibitions field trip etc

Health Club
Heath Club aims to promote healthy lifestyles via environmental health education and campaigns. It nurture the capability to care, share and appreciate.

Sports Club
To develop energetic and talented youth ,Various sports activities were conducted in our college.. In order to keep our young talents full of life and vigour, we encourage and organize lots of sports activity in our institution. It includes both indoor and outdoor games. The institute organizes sports events every year for the students. We believe in healthy hearts and strong minds.
Sports Cub provide opportunities to actively engage in programs and activities promoting an enhanced quality of life.It also provides opportunities for personal development through leadership, diversity, and teamwork.

Carrier Guidance Club
Carrier Guidance help the students to choose and proceed on an optional career path based on their ability,desire and available opportunities.